Specialty Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate Specialties

Some of the Considerations and Drivers of Commercial Real Estate for SPECIALTIES:

The following represent some of the specialized/niche markets in commercial real estate -

Hospitality key metrics are:

  • Location and competitive environment
  • Occupancy
  • APR average price per room
  • RevPar – revenue per available room
  • Franchise relationship
  • Strength of Flag
  • Existing or management plan going forward
  • Deferred maintenance
  • Any obsolescence of room or suite configuration and/or amenity
  • Common areas, grounds, parking, on-site services

Religious Facilities acquisition assessment should include clear comprehension of:

  • Size of congregation
  • Number of years of existence
  • Growth trends of congregation
  • Monthly donations
  • Stability of existing and projected donations
  • Demographics of congregation
Sports related facility determining factors are likely to include:
  • Demographics
  • Cash flow existing and projected
  • Method of monetization of cash flow
  • Specific site and facility specifications, i.e. column spacing, ceiling height, exceptional parking requirements…