Retail Commercial Real Estate

Retail Commercial Real Estate
Retail Commercial Real EstateSome of the Considerations and Drivers of Commercial Real Estate for RETAIL:

  • Demographics – It’s not about good demographics or bad demographics; it is about targeting your customer.  You know your customer (or the new customers you are working hard to attract) and it is our job to help you find the location with demographics that match…what is their typical age, income level, education?  Do they have children?  What are some of their interests?  Who are they?  Where are they?  How do they like to shop?
  • Traffic Counts – How important is it to your business that you are located where a high level of traffic will be traveling by your store (and signage!) each day?  If this doesn’t happen to be one of the ways that your customers are motivated, then this is also meaningful to your site quest…high traffic counts usually equate to higher rents.
  • Traffic Drive Patterns – We may need to look at more than, for instance, ‘a good location with high traffic counts’.  Does the traffic flow provide visibility easy access to the commuter customer?  A seemingly great location is not a great location if the traffic is moving in the opposite direction and on the other side of the median.
  • Parking – Ease of parking can be a major reason why your customer chooses you.
  • Competition – Does your business benefit from being located close to similar businesses or do you require strategic separation from a competitor?
  • Co-tenancy & Synergy with surrounding business – This can be one of the most significant factors in a successful site selection.  The amount, quality and compatibility of the customers that will be drawn to (or very near) your business by the surrounding shops, businesses, restaurants, etc. can be key to your success.  You want a nice compatible fit whereby you feed each other.
  • The Lease – We assist you throughout the often involved and complex negotiations of a retail lease.  For example:  CAM, expense stops,  exposure or relief from a neighboring business ‘going dark’, tenant finish allowances, finish improvement restrictions, governmental code compliance, signage requirements and restrictions, percentage leases, customer parking availability guarantee, access and restrictions for stock and supply deliveries…