Office Commercial Real Estate

Office Commercial Real Estate

Office Commercial Real Estate

Some of the Considerations and Drivers of Commercial Real Estate for Office:

Location – Where are your key people commuting from?  Where are your clients/customers most heavily concentrated?  How significant is location as determiner to your customers, staff recruitment/retention, growth goals, etc.?  Which location(s) will convey the company image that will best drive your success?

Visibility – How ‘visible’ should your company be?  Does your building sign essentially need to become a ‘very attractive and high end billboard’ for your business?

Property Type and Amenities  –  Office property is generally graded as A, B, C…and suggest much of what the scale implies, however it does not necessarily follow that one is better than the others…it is always about what fits you, your company and your specific needs.  How is the HVAC controlled and is it important to you that heat and air be available evenings and weekends?  What is the parking ratio for the property?

Management and Services – Is the property professionally managed?  Is the lease full service, modified full service, N, NN, NNN…?  Does full service really include janitorial?  How will care and maintenance of property be accomplished and in what timeframe?  How is snow removal (including sidewalks) handled at property?

Floor plan – Significantly, the most cost effective is to find a floor plan that will need the least modification to provide efficient and comfortable occupancy for your needs.  We greatly increase the likelihood of finding this ‘match’ by utilizing constantly updated robust commercial real estate data bases as well as knowing the market place.

 The Lease – We assist you throughout the often involved and complex negotiations of an office lease.