Industrial Commercial Real Estate


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Some of the Considerations and Drivers of Commercial Real Estate for INDUSTRIAL:

FUNCTIONALITY – Number one driver.  While function is an important aspect to all commercial real estate sectors, this is especially true in the acquisition or leasing for industrial use.  Be it:

Manufacturing     Warehousing     Distribution

Assembly     Fabrication

 Transportation Hub    Service or Repair…

The industrial site is best assessed as another input cost and a bottom line tool for maximizing profitability.  The requirement specifications will include key determiners for efficiently balancing this input cost to overall production metrics, including:

  • Ceiling heights
  • Commonly cubic feet vs. square footage
  • Column spacing
  • Flexible and efficient mechanicals
  • Size and # of drive-in and dock-high doors
  • OSHA compliance factors
  • Size and fencing of yard
  • Security
LOCATION – needs generally include:
  • Close proximity or ease of access to major roadways, rail and/or intermodal transportation network
  • Proximity to input suppliers and/or distribution destinations
  • Proximity or available transportation for workforce requirements
  • Zoning and/or compatibility to surrounding ‘neighborhood’
GOVERNMENTAL INCENTIVES AND TAX STRUCTURE – Continues to affect the bigger picture decision making process.

OBSOLESCENCE OR RE-PURPOSING - As technology leaps forward at an unprecedented pace, the industrial sector has experienced real transformation.  This has created potential opportunities for re-purposing older sites within the many industrial use mix, e.g. a site no longer suited to today’s technology driven manufacturing may present a desirable central location for light assembly.